Seth Kimbrough The Union Bike Check

The Union just dropped a small little bike check/interview with Shadow rider Seth Kimbrough. Hit the jump where Seth goes into his new ride, how much he loves our new Raptor Freecoaster, riding his GSXR, and everything in between. -READ MORE

Eric Bahlman – Volume Motoman

Hit the jump and see a few photos from Volume Bikes up close and personal look at Shadow AM Eric Bahlman's OTHER bike, his 1977 Suzuki GS550. Many a rad photo awaits. -READ MORE

Jono Hopping – Blazeguard Edit

Jono Hopping Blazeguard
Although Shadow rider Jono Hopping is a Kiwi, he has found the time to fly across the globe and visit Vancouver every year or so. While over in Canada, he hooked up with the Blazeguard crew and filmed some serious hammers. Check it out! -READ MORE

Johnny Devlin Double Bike Check

JD Bike Check
Ever seen a guy use his old dread as a brake cable tie? Ever wonder how a gnarly street rider would build a flatland bike? Get your answers after the jump in our Johnny Devlin DOUBLE bike check. -READ MORE

Lahsaan Kobza – Subrosa Park Party

Hit the jump and watch Lahsaan Kobza and a few of his Subrosa Brand teammates brave the harsh northeastern cold and head out to the Wheel Mill Skatepark in Pittsburgh for another stop on their Park Party Tour. Always having a good time! -READ MORE

Eric Bahlman – Backwards at Reed Park

If there is one thing that Shadow AM Eric Bahlman does well, it's going backwards. Check out this new edit of the Balldude featuring all the wild freecoastin' combos you've come to know and love courtesy of the fine folks at Vital BMX. -READ MORE

How To Install The Shadow Disaster Guard

Hit the jump and check out this quick "How To" on installing the new Shadow Disaster Guard. It's a very simple process and should easily clear up any confusion about this sick new product. -READ MORE

Free Gift with Purchase

From now until March 31st you will receive a free gift with purchase of any item from our new Spring Collection in our webstore. Click here for the details on this offer! -READ MORE

Rider Update: Simone Barraco

Hot off the heels of his latest Shadow edit, "Barcelona Days," Simone Barraco comes through with a new rider update featuring some rad photos and words. Check it out and get a little behind the scenes look at what he's been up to and where he's going. -READ MORE

Simone Barraco – Barcelona Days Edit

Cruise through the ever expanding city of Barcelona with Shadow Pro Simone Barraco as he destroys the new and old street spots in this brand new Facebook EXCLUSIVE edit. This is definitely some of the craziest riding he's ever come out with. Don't miss it! -READ MORE