Hucke & Santiago – Jibbin’ Ain’t Easy

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 1.45.08 PM
Jibbin' Ain't Easy is a super raw edit with Shadow pro Ben Hucke and Shadow flow Mariano Santiago cruising around the streets of Portland, Oregon. Hit the jump and check it out here. -READ MORE

Kunstform Shadow Collaboration

Kunstform and Shadow were both stoked on doing a limited edition shirt for The Worlds. We wanted to create a design that fully embraced our KIL Tour vibe while also staying true to what Kunstform is all about. We are all so stoked how the finished collab ended up. -READ MORE

Shadow KIL Italy: Day 1 – 3 Update

Hot off the heels of the Shadow KIL France trip, Simone Barraco and Joris Coulomb headed east to start another KIL Tour in Italy. Beginning in Milan, the crew hung out at Seregno Skatepark with the Front Ocean crew and then headed to Simone's hometown of Genoa. -READ MORE

Simone Barraco – Bike Check

Simone Barraco always has a bike that is very reflective of who he is. His Subrosa Noster II that he was riding during our recent KIL France trip shows just that. Hit the jump and see what we mean. -READ MORE

Keep It Local Tour – Italy

Hot off the heals of our KIL Tour France announcement, we are stoked to say we will be continuing the party on to Italy! Join Shadow Pros Simone Barraco and Joris Coulomb as they invade Seregno Skatepark on August 2nd for a Shadow Coffin Jam! -READ MORE

Shadow KIL France: Day 7 & 8 Update

The final days of the Shadow KIL Tour in France have concluded and man, what an amazing trip. From Lyon to Montpellier the crew killed it all while spreading the good word of Shadow and hanging with the locals. See how the last days turned out right here. -READ MORE

2014 Back To School Collection

Here's our 2014 Back to School collection. Everything you see here is available now in the Shadow web store. Take a look at all of our new T-shirts, button ups, backpacks, and more and gear up for the new school year. -READ MORE

Shadow KIL France: Day 4, 5, and 6 Update

After a great shop stop at Bros. Bike Store, the crew headed to the coastal town of Montpellier for some street riding. Hit the jump to find out exactly what happened on days 4, 5, and 6 of our KIL France trip. -READ MORE

Joris Coulomb – Bike Check

Joris Coulomb Bike Check
Check out the bike that is helping Joris Coulomb shred the streets of France during our latest KIL tour. His signature purple Noster color way is coming out soon from Subrosa and it looks good with samples of our new Killer chromoly cranks and Allign sprocket. -READ MORE

Paul Ryan – The Full Cab

Paul Ryan is the next rider to go along for the ride in Benny L's "The Full Cab" web series. Hit the jump and watch the two shred through the streets of Lyon and Montpellier with four minutes of proper riding. -READ MORE