Simone Barraco – Red Bull Hero Tour

After our month long trip through Europe, Shadow Pro Simone Barraco headed to the United Kingdom for Red Bull's Hero Tour. Riding the finest selection of indoor ramps the UK has to offer, Simone was able to lay down some wild moves. Hit the jump and check it out. -READ MORE

Introducing the Shadow Supreme Standards

Introducing the Shadow Supreme Standards
Shadow is proud to introduce to you our Supreme Standards Testing. Born out of the idea of elevating and progressing the testing of our parts to a level above all others. Hit the jump, watch the video, and read in detail about all five steps of our Supreme Standards. -READ MORE

Mike Vockenson – Bike Check

Mike Vockenson - Bike Check
Australian Shadow rider Mike Vockenson is an absolute mad man on a bicycle. If his section from the 2020 BMX Mag video "That's What's Up" is any indication, he needs an absolute tank of a bike to make the things he does possible. See his latest ride, right here. -READ MORE

Kevin Kalkoff – Make It Happen Remix

Kevin Kalkoff shredded in the recently released Make It Happen video. How hard did he shred you ask? Hard enough to warrant Will Evans creating an entire remix edit of his best and unused footage. The man has style for miles so hit play, sit back, and enjoy. -READ MORE

Nico Badet – Bike Check

Wondering how French Shadow rider Nico Badet managed to do some of those signature wild moves in his bangin' Welcome to the Family edit yesterday? Wonder no more with this brand new bike check featuring his Subrosa Thunderbeast with all sorts of custom bits. -READ MORE

Nico Badet – Welcome to the Family Edit

Shadow is proud to release French rider Nico Badet's Welcome to the Family edit. Nico is a truly unique rider that takes his pegless/freecoaster style in a completely different direction. See what he was able to come up with while on our recent KIL Tour in France. -READ MORE

Simone, Mono, Bahlman – BCN Homies Edit

When not absolutely killing it on a bike, Shadow flow rider Diego "Mono" Navarro can be found absolutely killing it behind the lens. Check out this rad edit he did with a few of the BCN homies including Simone Barraco, Eric Bahlman, and Shadow TM Ryan Chadwick. -READ MORE

Joris Coulomb – Subrosa Rider Update

Joris Coulomb - Subrosa Rider Update
Joris Coulomb dropped a brand new rider update with Subrosa Brand before leaving France for a stint in none other than India! Hit the jump and check out some rad photos from up in the mountains shot by Joris' girlfriend along with a few words. Pretty sick! -READ MORE

Diego “Mono” Navarro – Weouthere Part

Hot off the heals of his killer clips in the WEOUTHERE mix, we have Shadow BCN connect Diego "Mono" Navarro in his full section of the WEOUTHERE video that dropped earlier this year. Hit the jump and give it a watch. Shout out to Fernando for the upload! -READ MORE

Diego “Mono” Navarro – WeOutHere Mix

Shadow flow rider Diego “Mono” Navarro has been killing it around Barcelona lately. Check out his latest exploits in this new WEOUTHERE mix edit filmed by Fernando Olaiz featuring some really badass riding. -READ MORE