Kevin Kalkoff – Bike Check

Shadow rider Kevin Kalkoff has endless amounts of style so it only makes sense that his bike is as stylish as he is. Check out his new ride featuring his dope signature color way of Simone Barraco's Noster III frame and a slew of Shadow products. -READ MORE

Lahsaan Kobza – Subrosa Code Frame Edit

Shadow rider Lahsaan Kobza was blessed to receive a signature frame from Subrosa Brand and as a thank you for their support, put together this awesome edit. From smooth lines to massive threes, you can always expect quality from the Lotion Cobra. -READ MORE

Trey Jones – The Ramp II

Holy hell! Shadow rider Trey Jones and his Banned teammate Colt Fake go absolutely nuts in Florida with a kicker and a whole lot of energy for the Monster Energy Ramp II project. This is probably one of the gnarliest edits you will ever watch. -READ MORE

Matt Ray – Welcome to Subrosa Pro

Well this is INSANE! Shadow ride Matt Ray comes out swinging from Subrosa Brand to celebrate his bump to the Pro Team. Jam packed with insane and progressive riding, this edit will literally knock you on your ass. Stop reading and watch! -READ MORE

Ronnie B TCU TV Interview

Shadow founder and HMFIC Ronnie B sat down with Adam22 of The Come Up and talked the history of all things BMX including his riding origins, UGP, starting Shadow, the current state of the industry and everything in-between. -READ MORE

The Village Parking Lot Jam

The awesome crew over at The Village Park and Supply in Australia put on a parking lot jam that featured the infamous Shadow Coffin and things WENT OFF. Dudes were sending it and it looked like an amazing time. Thanks again to The Village for the support! -READ MORE

Chasing Simone Barraco – GoPro

Maybe if you are as dialed as Shadow rider Simone Barraco, you'd be able to do gnarly tricks while being chased by the police but I don't think most people would get very far in the situation depicted in this new awesome GoPro edit featuring Simo. -READ MORE

Simone Barraco – Nike in Genoa Edit

Shadow rider Simone Barraco hooks up with the always wild Nike team in his hometown of Genoa, Italy in their latest edit. This whole thing is absolutely nuts and a must watch. Shout out to Nike and Dig BMX for always doing good! -READ MORE

Simone Barraco – Nike Genoa Photo Gallery

During the insane Nike BMX Glasgow to Genoa trip, longtime photog Mark Losey was on hand to shoot some dope photos of the crew including a few of the wild moves Shadow pro Simone Barraco was throwing down. Check it out over at Dig BMX. -READ MORE

Brighton Ain’t Ready 2 Documentary

This is awesome. Sit down and relive the amazing Brighton Ain't Ready 2 video in the eyes of the riders who experienced it in this awesome mini-documentary produced by Mike King featuring behind the scenes video and tons of extra riding. -READ MORE