Brighton Ain’t Ready 2 Documentary

This is awesome. Sit down and relive the amazing Brighton Ain't Ready 2 video in the eyes of the riders who experienced it in this awesome mini-documentary produced by Mike King featuring behind the scenes video and tons of extra riding. -READ MORE

Kevin Kalkoff – Train in Vain Ep. 1

French Shadow rider Kevin Kalkoff kicks off first episode of "Train in Vain" where their lowly warehouse packer Steven Moss goes up against a visiting pro in an attempt to follow their line through the new Source Park bowl. -READ MORE

Nico Badet – Bros. Madrid Trip

French Shadow rider Nico Badet and the boys at in Lyon took a trip to Madrid last month for a week of good times and chill sessions. Lilian Conry put together a dope vid from their stay and it is dope. Check it out. -READ MORE

Kevin Kalkoff – Full Speed

French Shadow rider Kevin Kalkoff spent a week in Phoenix, Arizona last month and proceeded to pedal full speed at every spot he went to in a style that is truly his own. Check it out in the latest Shadow Conspiracy edit. -READ MORE

Emil Eriksson – Mythical Video

Swedish rider Emil Eriksson has been representing Shadow for a very long time and throughout that time, he has put together some WILD edits from all over the world. Mythical is a culmination of all that hard work in one insane, 7-minute edit. -READ MORE

Tom Smith – 2016 Empire Edit

Everyone's favorite father of two and long time Shadow rider Tom Smith has been overcoming a pretty rough injury the past few months but he's back and better than ever. Check out this Empire BMX edit he and his buddy Jeremie Infelise put together to celebrate. -READ MORE

Lahsaan Kobza & Mark Burnett – TCU Edit

Shadow boys Lahsaan Kobza & Mark Burnett headed to beautiful Los Angeles, California to shred with the Come Up crew and ended up making this dope exclusive edit for them. -READ MORE

Simone Barraco – Bike Check

Shadow pro Simone Barraco comes in hot with a brand new bike check featuring a dialed purple Subrosa Noster 3 laced up with some of the finest Shadow products including his new signature Gipsy Grips, tried and true Strada Nuova tires, and Penumbra Series seat. -READ MORE

Trey Jones – Cult Woodward Edit

Shadow rider Trey Jones comes through with a wild split edit from his stay at Woodward Camp last summer full of insane grinds, gaps, and wall rides. You won't want to miss this one. -READ MORE

Mark Burnett – Lost Pittsfield Edit

Shadow rider Mark Burnett made this quick edit from Pittsfield Skatepark about a year ago but it somehow got lost in the mix. He recently found it and damn is it still current! Check it out and give Mark some love! -READ MORE