Scott Ditchburn Got Moves

Shadow Pro Scott Ditchburn coming in with some hot new moves from his new home town of Texas. Hit the jump and check out the ultimate grind master put his signature Shadow Slide or Die plastic pegs to use all over the rails of the Lone Star State. -READ MORE

Shadow K.I.L. Shop Battle Germany Videos

The Shadow K.I.L. Shop Battle videos are in! Featuring wild riding from Parano Garage, Deepend BMX, and Alliance BMX in Germany, hit the jump, give each video a watch, and then vote for who did it best on Freedom BMX! Brought to you by Shadow and Unity BMX! -READ MORE

Mark Burnett – Sunday in the UK

The Sunday Bikes crew took Shadow Am Mark Burnett on his first overseas adventure last month. I'm not sure Mark really noticed though because he was too busy absolutely destroying it on his bike. Hit the jump and watch little Marky killing the streets! -READ MORE

Shadow K.I.L. Shop Battle Germany

Shadow K.I.L. Shop Battle Germany
After the great success of the past Shadow Coffin ledges at jams, contests, and shops worldwide, we decided to do something different with three BMX Shops in Germany. Hit the jump and read the details for the upcoming event brought to you by Freedom BMX and Unity Distribution. -READ MORE

Live From Interbike 2014

We are going to be posting LIVE from Interbike 2014 all of the new Shadow hardgoods that will be arriving in the end of 2014 and all of 2015. Hit the jump and let Shadow Team Manager Ryan Chadwick fill you in on everything! -READ MORE

Drew Bezanson – Raditudes Ep. 7

Episode 7 of Red Bull's Raditudes comes out swinging with some amazing footage of Shadow pro Drew Bezanson at the Mongoose Jam at Woodward Camp in Pennsylvania. Huge trucks off of skinny railings and flip double peg grabs make this an absolute must watch! -READ MORE

Kevin Kalkoff – Rider Update

Click the picture and check out a brand new rider update from French Shadow rider Kevin Kalkoff. The dude had a hell of a month traveling the west coast of the United States competing in the Van Doren Invitational and shredding some North West concrete in Portland, Oregon. -READ MORE

Simone Barraco – Red Bull Hero Tour

After our month long trip through Europe, Shadow Pro Simone Barraco headed to the United Kingdom for Red Bull's Hero Tour. Riding the finest selection of indoor ramps the UK has to offer, Simone was able to lay down some wild moves. Hit the jump and check it out. -READ MORE

Introducing the Shadow Supreme Standards

Introducing the Shadow Supreme Standards
Shadow is proud to introduce to you our Supreme Standards Testing. Born out of the idea of elevating and progressing the testing of our parts to a level above all others. Hit the jump, watch the video, and read in detail about all five steps of our Supreme Standards. -READ MORE

Mike Vockenson – Bike Check

Mike Vockenson - Bike Check
Australian Shadow rider Mike Vockenson is an absolute mad man on a bicycle. If his section from the 2020 BMX Mag video "That's What's Up" is any indication, he needs an absolute tank of a bike to make the things he does possible. See his latest ride, right here. -READ MORE