Hit the jump and check out the digBMX interview with Shadow pros Seth Kimbrough, Trey Jones, Simone Barraco, and Joris Coulomb as they talk about the ins and outs of filming "What Could Go Wrong?" -READ MORE

Ryan Chadwick Hi-8 Edit

Shadow rider Eric Bahlman filmed a Hi-8 edit of his good friend and Shadow TM / "What Could Go Wrong?" creator Ryan Chadwick. Hit the jump and check out what Shadow's team manager can do in front of the camera! -READ MORE

WCGW Dig Photo Gallery

Dig BMX just dropped an awesome photo gallery filled with images from the three years we spent filming for our recently released full-length "What Could Go Wrong?" Special thanks to Wes McGrath for being along for the riding and capturing the memories. -READ MORE

Brighton Ain’t Ready 2 Full Video

After dropping a dope bonus mixtape featuring a large portion of the Shadow crew, the dudes at The Come Up have blessed us with the full "Brighton Ain't Ready 2" video online and available to watch in full right now. Hit play and give this awesome video a watch! -READ MORE

Ryan Chadwick DIG Interview

Hit the jump to read Dig BMX's interview with Shadow TM and "What Could Go Wrong?" creator Ryan Chadwick as he talks in depth about what it took to make our third full-length video a reality. -READ MORE

Scott Ditchburn vs. The Subrosa Street Rail

Rail technician Scott Ditchburn puts a hurting on the infamous Subrosa Street rail in this new video by Subrosa Brand. There are at least two tricks in here that we have NEVER seen. Watch this! -READ MORE

Brighton Aint Ready 2 Bonus

The Seventies crew dropped a bonus mix section from their awesome Brighton Ain't Ready 2 video that came out earlier this year. Featuring some extra clips from the Shadow crew and more, this is definitely a good watch. -READ MORE

Blake Ind – Shadow x Subrosa Edit

Our Australian connect Blake Ind comes through with a heavy little edit from back home for both us and Subrosa Brand featuring some really smooth and technical ramp riding with a few bits of gnarly street sprinkled in for good measure. -READ MORE

Shadow – “Thirteen” Jacket

The all new Shadow Thirteen Jacket. Whether you are repping your crew, your city, or your shop, fill in the blank patch on the back and show us by using the hashtag #shadowchapters. Hit the jump for more info! -READ MORE

Seth Kimbrough – Hoffman Bikes Split Edit

After the "What Could Go Wrong?" world premiere in New York City, Shadow rider Seth Kimbrough headed to Oklahoma City with fellow Hoffman Bikes rider Trent McDaniel and put together a sweet split edit. -READ MORE