Tom Deville – French Connexion Edit

Tom Deville represents Shadow through the fine folks at BMX Avenue in Montpellier, France. He recently hit up the 4Down warehouse in England to put together this insane edit. -READ MORE

Official Vans Rebel Jam Edit

The official edit from the Vans Rebel Jam edit has dropped and is a perfect culmination of the insane weekend that went down in London, England. Hit the jump and give it a watch. -READ MORE

Simone Barraco – Subrosa Street Rail

Watch Shadow Pro Simone Barraco destroy the recently released Subrosa Street Rail and thus proving once and for all, it's the best portable, BMX flat rail in existence. -READ MORE

Sparkys France – Four Day Trip Edit

Follow the Sparkys France crew on a quick little, four day trip around Lyon for the first time since it's inception. Featuring Shadow riders Joris Coulomb, Nico Badet, and Kevin Kalkoff -READ MORE

Interlock Supreme Chain Limited Release

Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for. A special production of Interlock Supreme chains will be released on Saturday, December 6th. These will only be available through a select group of dealers in the USA and only on December 6th. -READ MORE

Vans Rebel Jam Recap

Vans Rebel Jam Recap
Hit the jump and get the full run down of all the insane and technical riding that went down at this years Vans Rebel Jam in London, England from DIG, Vital, and Ride. -READ MORE

Vans Rebel Jam Practice Session

The dudes from Ride BMX come out swinging with the first video from the Vans Rebel Jam happening right now in London, England. Hit the jump and check out our riders killing the course. -READ MORE

Diego “Mono” Navarro – Skatepark Quickie

Shadow BCN rider Diego "Mono" Navarro comes through with a quick Skatepark edit for The Come Up featuring some dope riding. Really feeling the use of the Hi8 camera in this! -READ MORE

Subrosa at Safespot

Hang out with Shadow/Subrosa riders Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza, and New Zealander Jono Hopping as they kill the Safespot Skatepark in Phoenix, AZ. -READ MORE

Gully Factory Street Fighter 4 Jam

Follow Shadow riders Lahsaan Kobza and Eric Bahlman as they rip through Phoenix, Arizona with the masses during the fourth Street Fighter Jam presented by The Gully Factory. -READ MORE