2014 Back To School Collection

Here's our 2014 Back to School collection. Everything you see here is available now in the Shadow web store. Take a look at all of our new T-shirts, button ups, backpacks, and more and gear up for the new school year. -READ MORE

Shadow KIL France: Day 4, 5, and 6 Update

After a great shop stop at Bros. Bike Store, the crew headed to the coastal town of Montpellier for some street riding. Hit the jump to find out exactly what happened on days 4, 5, and 6 of our KIL France trip. -READ MORE

Joris Coulomb – Bike Check

Joris Coulomb Bike Check
Check out the bike that is helping Joris Coulomb shred the streets of France during our latest KIL tour. His signature purple Noster color way is coming out soon from Subrosa and it looks good with samples of our new Killer chromoly cranks and Allign sprocket. -READ MORE

Paul Ryan – The Full Cab

Paul Ryan is the next rider to go along for the ride in Benny L's "The Full Cab" web series. Hit the jump and watch the two shred through the streets of Lyon and Montpellier with four minutes of proper riding. -READ MORE

Lahsaan Kobza – Forever Rolling Trailer

Lahsaan Kobza doesn't know how to rest. Straight off his section in Mediocre at Best, he's been working on a full-length video and part for his clothing brand Blunted Athletics all while filming for the Shadow DVD. Watch their first trailer for the video after the jump. -READ MORE

Shadow KIL France: Day 3 Update

The Shadow France KIL Tour keeps rolling strong. Starting the day off with the usual coffee and croissants, we headed out to shred some classic Lyon street. A couple of good handrails and a wildly massive kinked ledge later, the crew was clipped up and feeling good. -READ MORE

Drew Bezanson – Raditudes Ep. 4

Drew Bezanson is back with another episode of his awesome web series, Raditudes. In episode 4, he and a couple of close friends hit up Joyride 150 for a full day of shredding for his Nothing But Fun event. Hit the jump and check out some amazing riding. -READ MORE

Eric Bahlman – RideBMX Bike Check

Eric Bahlman Bike Check
Ride BMX posted a new bike check with Shadow AM rider Eric Bahlman earlier this week. Below are a few of our favorite shots of his new Shadow parts including the Raptor Freecoaster, The Serpent Sprocket, and the Disaster guard just to name a few. -READ MORE

Shadow KIL France: Day 2 Update

Another day in the book for our KIL Tour in France. Amazing spots, ham and cheese sandwiches, and some beers helped through crew clip up throughout the day. Hit the jump and check out some rad behind the scenes photos from Lilian Conry of Bros. Bike Store. -READ MORE

Kevin Kalkoff – Sosh Urban Motion 3

Kevin Kalkoff just barely missed top 3 honors with his recently released Sosh Urban Motion submission. Teaming up Alex Barrett, these two made a pretty impressive video using only cell phones. Hit the jump and see what gave Kevin a much deserved fourth place spot. -READ MORE