Paul Ryan – Mongoose Cape Town Edit

Hit the jump and check out UK Shadow rider Paul Ryan as he heads down to Cape Town, South Africa on the other side of the world in the latest edit from Mongoose Bicycles. -READ MORE

2015 FLBMX Contest Series Recap

The 2015 FLBMX Contest Series was an amazing time for the Florida BMX scene. With amazing turnouts at each stop, it showed just how strong riding is in the South East. Check out this recap video from 2015 and get ready for next year! -READ MORE

Simone Barraco – Bike Check

The steeziest rider in BMX, Shadow rider Simone Barraco, is back with a brand new bike check featuring a slew of new Shadow parts. Hit the jump and check out the whip that makes Simo look so good when shredding. That green Strada Nuova tire though! -READ MORE

Beardsley Banks Jam – The Gully Factory

Hit the jump and watch what down at the Shadow sponsored Beardsley Banks Jam a few months back in Phoenix, Arizona. Shadow riders Joris Coulomb, Lahsaan Kobza, Dawson & Cody Clark, and more where on hand to shred. Check it out. -READ MORE

Albert Mercado – How To Toboggan

Shadow rider Albert Mercado is the king of the toboggan. Because of this, he is probably the utmost authority to teach you how to do them. Hit the jump and watch this video from Ride BMX explaining just that in their latest How To Tuesday. -READ MORE

Paul Ryan – Bike Check

Click to see UK Shadow rider and trick machine Paul Ryan's new bike featuring some of our latest products including samples of our brand new, ultra light Contender tires, Crimson Red Tie Dye parts, as well as Paul's signature Penumbra series seat. -READ MORE

Re Up: Eric Bahlman – Mediocre at Best

Since it's Shadow rider Eric Bahlman's Birthday, we figured we'd re up his amazing section in the Arizona scene video "Mediocre at Best". If you haven't seen this, Why are you still reading this!? -READ MORE

Albert Mercado – One Hit Wednesday

Go on a ride with Shadow rider Albert Mercado as he finds out whether or not it's a good idea to jump off the top of a train bridge in the latest One Hit Wednesday from Kink BMX. Poor Bert... -READ MORE

Re Up: Cinco De Drinko Edit

Hit play and relive the amazing Cinco de Drinko edit from last year featuring some shredding from Shadow riders Lahsaan Kobza, Eric Bahlman, and Cody Clark at the appropriately named El Mirage Skatepark in Arizona. ¬°Arriba! ¬°Arriba! -READ MORE

Scott Ditchburn – Bike Check

English rail assassin and Shadow rider Scott Ditchburn came on to our Team Meeting in Albuquerque late last month. Despite his delay, he still managed to tear the streets apart on his newly built Subrosa Brand. Check it out after the jump -READ MORE